post numba 2

Yesterday when woke up i was informed bachelor’s party commences at our place. So, right, zero studying.

Today when being half awake got a phone call – J missed her bus back to TLN so I made a favour and drove all the way to Pårnu  and back just to get her with her friend home. That’s how i got my day wasted – i think it counts as an excuse why i did not study at all.

When got home i read an article about Jari Litmanen on – now bought e-autobiography of Jari Litmanen, another book I am not really likely to finish. €16.85.- nicely wasted.

On the other hand, there is another version in Dutch – another language i hope i crack one day. Not purchased so far.

Also, got film about Litmanen loaded. I might even watch it right today!!!

to sum up, seems like this friday gonna be spent  at home.


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