boring workshops and sleep like a hobo

so this week was like hell

mo-fri i was delivering same workshop – 13.30-15.30 and 15.30-17.30 with the same content, same video, same audio calls, same jokes, same dead face of mine… like hell

also, on Mo S came to me to play PES. we did win copa sudamericana with Riber Plate. we were playing like gods! today we picked são paulo  and decided to crack copa america. lost in final 😦 also, on Mo M did put her doggie to sleep…

also Je came with beers and snacks. S was wondering how do i train girls so they do these things to me 🙂

took apple watch from work – got bored of it the same evening

on Fri i came back home at around 4.30 am just to realize my flatmate locked himself inside with keys in the lock… he was dead drunk and of course did not hear the door ring same as he lost his phone. been ringing for an hour, then took a nap on a stairs near the lift. at 7 am i woke up and rang the bell again, he woke up and could not realize what exactly he did wrong but could assume he did fuck up somehow cause i was not really talkative, angry and called him faggot. and i woke him up just exactly the time he was supposed to wake up to go to Narva. hate such a lucky bustards…

on Sat i spent the whole day with M (still missing her doggie), had some beers, ordered food home and watched purge 1 and 2.

today i bought some cotton wool and did rebuild coils SUCCESSFULLY, from the very first time!!! and yes, of course i did not watch the very first game of the season of milan.

this week the new academy starts, hope it is the very last of mine

and about me studies. i’ve been doing a few Pimsleurs, nothing more


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